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The latest model of Sur-Ron LB X with a 40AH battery, which is an 25% increase on the capacity of Sur-Ron LBX models sold prior to August 2022. We have brand new Sur-Ron LB X Road Legal bikes ready for immediate collection or delivery in a choice of colors.


The Surron Light Bee X is an innovative and cutting-edge electric vehicle that boasts exceptional performance and versatility. This state-of-the-art machine combines advanced technology with a sleek design, making it a standout choice for eco-conscious individuals seeking a thrilling and sustainable mode of transportation. With its powerful electric motor and long-lasting battery, the Surron Light Bee X offers an impressive range and top speed, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating ride. Furthermore, its robust construction and high-quality components guarantee durability and reliability. Embracing the principles of sustainability and efficiency, the Surron Light Bee X is a remarkable option for those seeking a sophisticated and eco-friendly means of travel.

We have brand new Sur-Ron LB X Road Legal bikes ready for immediate collection or delivery in a choice of colors.

PLEASE NOTE – FINANCE NOT AVAILABLE ON ANY SUR-RON MODELS, At the heart of the Sur-Ron LB X Road legal electric dirt bike sits an aluminum-alloy frame weighing just 7.8 kg, sitting on air adjustable inverted front forks and a preload adjustable rear shock.


  • 6,000W peak power
  • Top speed: 75 km/h
  • 184 ft-lb (250 Nm) peak torque
  • Range: 75 km at 40 km/h
  • Simple & quick charging: connect to standard wall outlet via included charger. Charges to 100% in ~3 hours
  • Easy to handle and manoeuvre: 56 kg (123 lb) curb weight, low 32.6″ (830 mm) seat height
  • Adjustable off-road suspension
  • Regenerative braking
  • 45-degree climbing angle
  • Three color options (black, blue, silver) with optional orange graphics included.

When de-restricted the LB X will achieve a top speed of up to 47 mph.

POWER & PERFORMANCE, Battery Capacity 2.35 kWh, Battery Config. Removable, Battery Weight 11.5 kg. Range – City 60 miles, Range – Highway 25 miles, Range – Combined 35 miles, Full Recharge Cost 60p, Charger type External 13 Amp, Charger Output 600 W, Time to full charge 4 hours, Average Pence/Mile 1p, Equivalent MPG 545, CO2 (off board) 9 g/km, Maximum Power 6 kW, Continuous Power 3 kW, Maximum Torque 10.2-39 Nm, Final Drive Chain, Speed – 47 mph, LIGHTING, Headlight LED, Indicators LED, Rear/Brake Light LED, WARRANTY, Chassis 18m/20k miles, Battery 18m/20k miles, Buy with confidence.

We are an official distributor for Surron UK, Canada and USA, As seen here: We are available Monday to Saturday. Thank you. 18 months warranty.


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